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Price: $2.99

The books listed below are available in a variety of electronic and paper formats. Purchase from Amazon, or email for signed, first-edition pricing and availability.

This is the story of a serial killer known as the Venusberg Strangler, and an innocent, mindwiped woman named Sparrow, imprisoned together in Blue Heaven, who join forces against an unspeakable evil.

The Man Who Counts

Price: $3.99

A collection of semi-autobiographical mainstream short stories, fictionalized episodes from the author’s life. Most were previously published in small press magazines.

Melting in the Sun

Price: $9.99

A story of middle aged men facing the end of the universe, and the steps they take in an effort to survive. Portions of this novel were published in Asimov’s Science Fiction and the North Carolina Literary Review.

Moments of Inertia

Price: $2.99

Wally is a science-fiction obsessed teenage boy living in the late 1960s, who one night wanders aboard a flying saucer and is whisked away to an adventure grander than anything he ever could have imagined.

Off on a Starship

Price: $6.99

By the middle of the 21st century, nanotechnology has made the Earth a world of peace and plenty, until a careless entrepreneur unleashes the proverbial “gay goo” disaster, and the world is destroyed.

Radio Silence

Price: $4.99

Tales of the Space Age, from the near future exploration of our solar system to alternate histories of “futures lost” and space ages we might have had, if things had gone just a little bit differently.

Shadows in the Sky