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About WBE




In addition to science fiction novels and stories, William Barton Enterprises provides contract software architectural design. It also publishes maps and artwork relating to Bartonís science fiction, and has ties to the Northern Map Company.


We provide complete system-level architecture and programming services, a custom suite of applications to meet your exact specifications, from end-user wants and needs analysis, through cyclical design and deployment, to production release and ongoing technical support. Fixed bid and hourly contracts available.

Software Design

Northern Map Company, in business since the 1960s, provides full-color reprints of antique maps, including Civil War Map Kits, Old State Map Kits, Railroad Maps, and a wide variety of state and county maps from the 19th century. For more details, visit their website at NorthernMapCompany.com.

Northern Map Company

Also available are an array of maps and artwork depicting the settings from William Bartonís novels and stories, ranging from galactic maps of the Starover Universe to planetary and local maps of the many worlds he has created. Included are illustrations of many characters, and designs for the spacecraft involved.

Science Fiction Maps and Artwork