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Price: $2.99

The books listed below are available in a variety of electronic and paper formats. Purchase from Amazon, or email for signed, first-edition pricing and availability.

From the endstage of the Silvergirl Universe, after the Starfish and Spinfellows have seen to the extinction of humanity, optimod starship pilot Crystal wanders the ruins with a sentient welding machine.

The Engine of Desire

Price: $2.99

An immortal, “lizardized” old man and a dead woman condemned to an afterlife as a cyborg flight computer wander the byways of paratime, looking for a way back home, to the lives they once lost.

The Sea of Dreams

Price: $5.50

Three space crews, Chinese scientists, Arab military officers, and American soldiers, race to reclaim a terrible  secret hidden under the US’s long-abandoned moonbase.

The Transmigration of Souls

Price: $3.99

A collection of science fiction short stories, an “odds and sods” collection originally published in various magazines, and including two “lost” stories from magazines that ceased publication.

Under the Simple Stars

Price: $0.99

A William Barton sampler, containing essays, short stories, and chapters from various novels, intended as an introduction to his work. This is the “taste” you get from the pusher...

We Are the Hollow Men

Price: $6.99

The core novel of the Silvergirl Universe, marking the transition from near future space exploration to the posthuman far future of the Starfish / Spinfellow War.

When We Were Real